Ahhh the sound of crackling wood, the slight smoky smell and the relaxing vibes by the fire.

Winter has definitely made its’ presence known this week; and if you have a wood-fire, I’m sure you’ve probably lit it by now.

Like anything, your beautiful wood fireplace needs regular maintenance for the health and safety of your family.

🔥 Ensure you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms fitted in your home, replace the batteries often and check the alarms are actually in full working order.

🔥 Not all timber can be burned in a fireplace, so ensure you’re burning ‘seasoned wood’.

🔥 Ensure all soot and creosote is cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up, as well as having the chimney flue cleaned yearly as a minimum (hiring a professional is recommended).

🔥 Clean out the ash from inside the fireplace after each use (but wait at least 12 hours after the fire has died to make sure the ash is cold).

🌱 Pro tip: Ash is full of nutrients and can be added to soil, potted plants, or compost as a fortifying element.

😃 Stay warm and cozy.