Selling Tips

Choosing The Right Agent

Below are 10 important questions you should consider when choosing your agent.

  1. What do I know about the agent and their reputation?
  2. Does the agent and agency have proven results in my area?
  3. Does the agency have a daily managed database so buyers can be matched to my property?
  4. How will the right buyers be found and how will the highest price be achieved for my property?
  5. How will my property be marketed?
  6. What are the marketing capabilities of the agency?
  7. How can the agency’s print marketing, online marketing and social media help in the sale of my property?
  8. Am I locked into one agent even if another agent has a buyer for my property?
  9. What is the agency’s processes for when a buyer looks through my property?
  10. How long will it take to get my property on the market?

Handy Tips For Presenting Your Home

Whether presenting your home for professional photography, or for an Open Home; first impressions last, so it’s important your home makes an immediate impact.

  • Open the windows for fresh air.
  • Open blinds to allow natural light into your home and turn on lights if necessary.
  • Put dogs/animals away in kennel/enclosure for duration of inspection.
  • Put valuables away and out of sight and breakable ornaments out of reach of small children.
  • Make sure the home is a comfortable temperature.
  • Ensure all doors, gates, wardrobe doors, etc. open and close smoothly.
  • Create atmosphere with a few subtly scented candles, soft music, etc.
  • Make sure all pool gates close properly and no hazardous objects are left out.
  • Keen buyers will often want to walk the whole boundary if an acreage property so it’s a good idea to have paddocks slashed for a clear walking trail.
  • If you have a large acreage property, it’s a good idea to mark the boundaries so buyers can easily see this.


  • Remove all items and magnets from the fridge.
  • Clear benches, unnecessary appliances and personal items.
  • Remove floor mats and bins from kitchen.
  • Neatly presented fresh flowers and fruit always look lovely.

Living area:

  • Remove all personal items, pedestal fans and table cloths.


  • Clear benches, baths and showers of any personal items.
  • Neatly arrange towels.
  • Ensure the toilet seat is down.


  • Make beds – crumbled linen shows in photos so nice and straight and flat always looks best.
  • Minimise clutter and personal items.


  • Remove hoses, mowers, brooms, mops and general rubbish.
  • Mow lawns and remove dead branches and leaves from the ground.
  • Remove the creepy crawly from the pool as well as any leaf debris in the pool.
  • Put away bikes, pool toys, etc.
  • Remove washing from clothes line.
  • Do not wash decks and driveways unless you have ample time for them to dry completely.

The Art Of Pricing

Using strategic marketing and optimal pricing, we’ll make sure your home is prepared to sell at the highest price, in the quickest timeframe. Pricing a property is dependant on a variety of factors, some outlined below:

  • Location
  • Land size
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces/garages
  • Improvements
  • Features and finishes
  • Curb appeal
  • Condition
  • Land zoning/usage
  • Recently sold homes locally
  • Homes currently for sale locally

Many real estates nowadays are offering free online home value calculators, in which you input your address; and it spits out an estimated price in the current market.

Here at United Realty, we don’t use this technology because we’re firm believers that the computer isn’t able to decipher the unique characteristics of your home, unlike our expert sales executives. The system-generated price indication doesn’t take into account that you’ve recently had a swimming pool installed, or that your kitchen and bathrooms were renovated last year, etc. As with many of our niche acreage properties that we list and successfully sell, farming and agricultural facilities on the land as well as things like irrigation, bores, fencing, stables, round yards, cattle crushes, etc. aren’t taken into account when utilising technology, but most certainly contribute to your property’s overall value.

If you’d like one of our sales executives to meet with you and give you real, personalised service that you’d expect from your local real estate professional, contact United Realty today on 18004UNITED (18004864833).