What Makes a House a Home – 20th July 2022

When you finally get the keys to your new home, whether it’s a new build or not; it can often feel eerily empty. The echoes and the empty spaces don’t make for a very cosy or comforting feeling. But with these top tips, you’ll turn your house into a home easily and yourself and your family can feel relaxed and settled in in no time.

1. Add some greenery.

            Adding some greenery indoors is the perfect way to bring in some freshness. Be sure to choose a plant variety that will thrive indoors and check the plants you’ve chosen are safe for children/pets if this is applicable to you.

2. Cushions, cushions and more cushions.

            Okay so we’ve heard that many men complain about the seemingly endless amount of cushions carefully placed onto the bed every morning, but it just gives the bedroom that warm cosy feeling and makes the bed look super comfortable.

3. Personalise your décor.

            It’s 2022, and everyone is all about no-clutter and less dust-collectors, but that doesn’t mean leave the spaces completely empty. Adding some personal décor items such as family photos, books and mementos from your travels can add that touch of personality to your home. Keep it simple and it’ll feel like home in no time.

4. Choose things that bring you joy.

            If you’re familiar with Marie Kondo, you’ll understand where we’re coming from here. But ensuring you have a specific place for all of your items helps keep your home tidy and comfortable. So keep the items that bring you joy and get rid of the rest (except the iron; it might not spark joy for you, but you should probably still keep that).

5. Add a fancy handwash and lotion duo to the bathroom vanity.

            Trust us, it makes for a warming and welcoming bathroom space. You can also purchase dish soap and hand soap duo’s for the kitchen sink too, and the bottles double as sleek décor.

6. Add a textured throw to the lounge.

            A comfy and textured throw-style blanket adds a touch of luxury and warmth to the living space. Sometimes a splash of colour here goes a long way too among the oh-so-popular sea of neutral colours in the loungeroom. We mentioned earlier the perks of having cushions on the bed, and the same goes for the lounge too.

7.  A hallway doesn’t have to be dull.

            Boring hallway spaces are a thing of the past. Adding a beautiful hat/coat hook or an artwork can spruce up the area and takes away that ‘clinical’ feeling. Mirrors are also a good addition which can give the illusion of a larger space.

8.  Pets.

            You truly feel like you’re home when your dog comes running toward you when you arrive home from work. While a fish may not greet you with the same excitement, it all counts; and what better time to adopt a pet than when you’ve just moved into a new space. 

9. Light a candle.

            Moving houses can be stressful stuff and hard work. Sit back (on your couch with that amazing throw rug), put your feet up and relax while the scent from a lovely candle fills your home. Making sure you choose quality candles instead of cheaply made ones.

10. Create some memories.

            Last but definitely not least, organise for some friends and family to come over. Have a games night, a cocktail night, a BBQ (or all three) and start living in your new home. Creating memories is a special way to really make your house feel like home.