Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Tenants

We all know that smoke alarms save lives, and it’s a legislative requirement in NSW that all rental properties have functioning smoke alarms installed that are checked and serviced annually, but unfortunately there are still many homeowners who overlook the installation of working smoke alarms in their own homes. Every winter, the news is sadly filled with broadcasts about house fires and associated injuries/fatalities, and as we all start switching on our heaters, electric blankets, etc. it is vital to not only make sure you have working smoke alarms in your home, but also to make sure they are regularly serviced (batteries checked and alarm functioning).

Subscribing to a professional Smoke Alarm service for your home/investment is a great way to ensure your smoke alarms are working and functional! Not only is this subscription service handy, but by using a professional service, they actually take the legal liability for smoke alarms away from the homeowner in the event of a tragedy. Any Landlord insurance you may have on your investment may be void in the event of failure to comply with smoke alarm legislation. It is far better risk management for a Landlord to employ a specialist to ensure compliance and to better protect lives and assets. Take this as a friendly reminder from the team at United, protect yourself, protect your family and protect your tenants.