Information from The Little Styling Co.

As professional property stylists, this would

have to be one of the most common requests

we receive from our clients. Here are 7 tips

to ensure your home is feeling bright, airy

and spacious.


If you own the home and can paint the walls,

we suggest opting for a light paint colour

that has a similar tone to your flooring. For

example, if you have grey tiles or carpet,

then use a very light grey paint colour.


It’s a job we all put off doing, but once it’s

done, you’ll be so happy with yourself.

Removing unnecessary items from your

living area such as excess trinkets, kids’

toys, and paperwork is a great start.


Evaluate your lounge – is it bulky and chunky?

If so, it might be worthwhile to upgrade to

a new lounge that doesn’t overcrowd the

space you’re highlighting. Ensure it has

legs, so it’s raised from the floor to enhance

the spaciousness if the room isn’t too large.


A large, oversized artwork is a great way

to make a statement in a home, as long as

you’ve got the wall space to do so. A large

mirror is another fantastic way of making a

room feel spacious and can reflect beautiful

aspects of your home, such as the outdoors.


Using a rug in a living area is essential as it

defines the living area and can really bring

the whole room together. If you’ve got a

dramatic artwork, then look at toning down

the room with a plain rug.


Lighting is another fantastic way of creating

the illusion of a spacious room. Ensure

blinds or curtains are open and ceiling lights

are turned on. Floor lamps add light to a

room, whilst also adding height, therefore

drawing the eye upwards.


If you have a combined lounge and dining

area, a fantastic way of making the small

dining area feel spacious is by using a round

table with a glass top, which creates an

illusion of space.

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