Christmas Recipe

Biscoff Truffles

These truffles can be the perfect little gift simply by placing in a glass jar and wrapping with ribbon – use your creativity to decorate and let your kids gift to their school teacher, take them along to a dinner party, etc.


250g Biscoff biscuits

½ cup Condensed Milk

225g White chocolate melts


  1. Reserving 1 Biscoff biscuit for garnish, place the remaining in the bowl of a food processor and blitz into a fine crumb. Add condensed milk and blitz to combine.
  2. Roll mixture into small balls and place on a tray. Refrigerate until firm.
  3. Melt chocolate in short bursts in the microwave or use the stovetop method.
  4. Working with one truffle at a time, dip in melted chocolate and coat completely, allowing excess chocolate to drip off. Please on a tray lined with baking paper.
  5. Crush the reserved Biscoff biscuit and sprinkle over the truffles. Use your Christmas creativity to decorate your truffles by adding red and green sprinkles on top, adding edible gold, etc.
  6. Refrigerate until set.

Enjoy 😊