A Changing Market?

Hello 2023, and Happy New Year!

There’s no doubt that the market is not what it was mid-Covid-19 Pandemic. But it’s also not all bad, despite the media harping on about the doom and gloom.

Not so long ago, Open Homes were flooded with buyers, lining up at the door all wanting a slice of their own paradise. But now it seems Open Homes are much quieter than they were only a few months ago. But that’s not a bad thing as we’re finding the 3 or 4 (or sometimes more) groups that attend an Open Home are actually genuine and qualified buyers with finance ready to go and they’re able to submit a good offer when the right home comes along.

We are currently seeing a lot of our local sellers from the South-West Growth region sold many months ago but with delayed settlements and with their funds now coming in, they’re looking for their next home. Often they’re looking for residential homes in prestigious suburbs or smaller acreage parcels to continue their acreage lifestyle but with a little less maintenance.

In terms of prices; again – yes, prices have definitely come down from the mid-pandemic peak, but homes are still achieving great and realistic prices and it’s important to note that if you’re buying and selling in the same market; then pricing is all relative – you might get a little less for your home, but you’re also paying less for the one you’re buying!

If you’re looking to sell, there’s no reason to hold off. Buyers are around, prices are good, homes are selling.

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