One of our favourite parts of styling a home is seeing everything come together and styling a room with cushions can make such a difference. The lounge room can also be a perfect place to start to introduce some colour or pattern to a home with a neutral palate.


So where to start?

Firstly, consider the colour of the lounge – is it light or dark? Cream or grey? Choose cushions that compliment the colour temperature but contrast with the lounge to ensure that they don’t blend into the background.

We usually find that using cushions in odd numbers on a lounge works best.

Generally speaking, we like to use:

3 cushions for a 2 Seat Lounge

5 cushions for a 3 Seat Lounge

7 cushions for a Modular Lounge

When selecting cushions, we find that it’s helpful to start with one ‘feature’ or main cushion and work backwards from there, selecting colours from this cushion to replicate through the others. Don’t be afraid to select a small mix of colours – keeping the colour family consistent will achieve an overall flowing look. We absolutely love incorporating various shades of blue into our styling, whilst also using subtle pops of charcoal to create contrast between cushions and the lounge or bed.



So, what is a feature cushion, you ask? Feature cushions may be more intricate or detailed, or with a bold pattern. See below some of our favourite cushions:




Also, think about the size of the cushions. Select a various range of cushion sizes and shapes for the lounge. We like to use a mixture of a pattern, plain and texture to create interest.

For added texture, consider draping a soft linen throw rug over the arm of your lounge or arm chair.

If you have armchairs in the space- we find that patterned cushions work nicely as a feature on a plain coloured chair.  It can be nice to use matching cushions for a pair of armchairs to tie the space together, always ensuring that the colour tones compliment those cushions on the lounge.


There are multiple ways of styling a bed with cushions, so we thought we’d give you a few tips to create the perfect looking room to complement your own style.

Some of the cushion combinations that we find work beautifully for a bedroom are two plain cushions at the back, with two lightly patterned cushions placed directly in front.

Alternatively, you may choose to have two textured cushions at the back, two plain cushions in the middle, and one feature cushion at the front.

We would then add a throw rug or two to be placed across the bed for an added layer of texture.


To ensure your cushions feel luxurious, we always recommend using feather filled cushions (trust me, you’ll feel the difference!).  If you have a cushion that doesn’t have a feather insert , you can purchase inexpensive feather cushion inserts from stores such as Ikea and H+M Home.

Happy Styling!


The Little Styling Co.

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