It’s hard to believe that the holiday season upon us already. Soon we’ll be suffed from Christmas lunch and tripping over all the kids’ new toys, and if we’re lucky, jumping on a plane or packing up the caravan to go on a familly holiday filled with Summer fun. The last thing we’d ezpect to find when we retrun home is that we’ve had some unwecome visitors during our absence. Here’s a few simple, yet effective tips to protect your home from a break in these holidays :

  • Organise a trusted person to collect your email at least a few times a week, or place a hold on your mail through Australia Post.
  • Set your lights, television and radi on timers to crete the typical noise and flickering lights of an average family home.
  • Arrange for your lawns to be moved once per week. An unruly front yard is dead giveaway to burglars.
  • Never announce your departure or holiday dates on social media, even if you have your account setting on “private”, it’s very hard to know exactly who will see your posts or tweets.
  • Remove that hidden key you have under the door mat or under a pot plant, places like these are too obvious for burglars.
  • Leave a pair of shoes or two at the front door, or couple of “untidy items” so that it seems as though semeone is coming and going.
  • Arrange for a trusted neighbour to take your bins out on ‘bin night’.